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With Trailmap Manager you can upload maps, download tracked routes, and edit your POI.



1. Start Trailmap on your Windows Phone.

2. Wait until all map is loaded. (recomended)

3. Press sync button on the main page right bottom corner.

4. Use default ip address if your phone already connected to Zune or use your computer ip address

5. Press connect button.

6. Your phone name will be displayed on the Trailmap Manager.


Uploading Maps:


1. After Trailmap is connected to Manager, select Maps tab.

2. Click “add map” button. Browse you free unlocked non NT Garmin map files.

3. Click open.

4. The progress will be displayed on the phone screen, and Overview page in Manager.

Uploading elevation map:

You can do a same way like normal map. Elevetaion map can be downloaded from:

Please use 3" maps:

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